This is how safe the MMR – Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccination really is.

According to data from the HRSA – Health Resources & Services Administration, there have been 101,501,714 doses of the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) administered between 2006-2017.

How many vaccine injuries have been compensated for from the MMR vaccine during this time? 120. One Hundred and Twenty. An injury rate of .000001 percent.

The vaccine is safe, the vaccine works and the vaccine is necessary.

Vaccine injuries are real, but they are very, very rare.

Get the facts from your Doctors.

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The Measles Outbreak

As the measles outbreak spreads across the globe, today would be a good opportunity to learn the facts about the safety of the MMR (measles mumps rubella) vaccine.

From the CDC –


Measles is one of the most contagious diseases there is. If 1 person has it, 9 out of 10 people close to that person who aren’t immune (protected) will also get measles. And it can be dangerous — serious cases of measles can lead to brain damage and even death.

Measles outbreaks are rare in the United States. But outbreaks can still happen in areas where groups of people don’t get vaccinated. In fact, outbreaks have recently increased around the world in places like Europe, Africa, and South America. Since measles is still common in other countries, people can get the disease when they travel — and spread it to people who aren’t vaccinated when they come home.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent measles. And when enough people get vaccinated against measles, the entire community is less likely to get it. So when you and your family get vaccinated, you help keep yourselves and your community healthy.

Measles Outbreak hits New York State



Officials have been unable to stop a measles outbreak in a suburb northwest of New York City. This has been going on for months now. And this week, officials announced they are taking extreme measures – banning unvaccinated children from indoor public spaces.

Here’s more from Gwynne Hogan from member station WNYC.

GWYNNE HOGAN, BYLINE: Outside a free vaccination clinic yesterday afternoon, Rockland County officials say they didn’t want it to come to this.

THOMAS HUMBACH: We’ve gotten to the point where people were not cooperating.

HOGAN: This is county attorney Thomas Humbach. He says people known to have had the measles went to public places. Sometimes it was hard for the department to investigate.

HUMBACH: We were getting no answers or refused answers. And at that point, it impairs the county’s ability to help the general public avoid this disease.

HOGAN: For the next 30 days, kids who don’t have the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine won’t be allowed in enclosed public spaces like malls or trains. That’s in addition to an earlier ban the county put in place in December that prevented unvaccinated kids from attending schools.

County officials say they’re not going to be proactively enforcing this latest ban. But if health department officials determine after the fact that a contagious child spread the measles in a public place to others, then the parents could face fines or jail time.

Here’s the county’s health commissioner, Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert.

PATRICIA SCHNABEL RUPPERT: What we really want is the awareness to be increased so that people say – you know what? – I’m going to get my child vaccinated. I don’t want them home from school, and I will abide by this. And if it’s important enough to have a state of emergency declared, then there must be a good reason.

HOGAN: Of the three dozen or so people who came for free vaccination, some had babies just old enough to get their shots.


HOGAN: Some were immigrants who hadn’t been vaccinated in their home countries.



HOGAN: Others were there for a booster, like Renee Kahan, an Orthodox Jewish woman who says she was vaccinated as a kid but was recently tested again and didn’t have immunity.

RENEE KAHAN: As a responsible citizen, I came to do what I have to do. My daughter is a nurse. And she said to me, you better do this.

HOGAN: Health officials say about 28 percent of kids in the county are not vaccinated – extremely low for a virus like measles, where experts recommend upwards of 90 percent. The measles outbreak here has mostly occurred within the Orthodox Jewish community, though the county has applied its ban on unvaccinated kids in the entire area.

A group of parents of unvaccinated kids at a private school are suing for their children to be able to return to class. Paul (ph) is one of those parents. He did not want to use his last name in order to protect his child’s identity.

PAUL: The county has taken our children as hostages to force us to vaccinate.

HOGAN: There have been 155 confirmed measles cases since last October. No one has died.

For NPR News, I’m Gwynne Hogan in New Hempstead.

Vaccine Expert, Peter Hotez, MD speaks with Joe Rogan

You want to know about vaccines?  Speak to one of the world’s renowned experts.  Vaccine injuries are rare, but real.  Fear-mongering and ignorance are not facts.  Science is.

Learn from the experts.


Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D. is Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine where he is also the Director of the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) and Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics.

We are Vaccine Injury Attorneys and we vaccinate our kids

Vaccine injuries are real, but they are rare.  At Gold Law Firm, LLC., the vaccine injury law firm, our attorneys see what can happen in those rare instances when vaccinations can have bad effects.


However, it is important to note that we vaccinate our children.  Our kids are safer getting their vaccines.  Our families are safer when our children receive their vaccines and our communities are safer when our children receive their vaccines.

Listen to the doctors, listen to the experts. Vaccinate your kids.  Learn the facts and then talk to your doctors.


Vaccines save lives.